Thursday, 1 December 2011

AUDERE EST FACERE by Laurence Winram

AUDERE EST FACERE by Laurence Winram

                                                                           Laurence and his little prince

Lucy Kendra had arrived during the shoot to film some more of me and Laurence was assisted by as really lovely guy called Angus Behm. As Laurence called it a day, they all applauded and I felt really warm inside just like a piece of toast with lashings of marmalade on it - mmm!

Laurence kindly dropped me off at the railway station and found the right platform and gave me a huge hug which had love and friendship written all over it. He is a gorgeous, gorgeous man and a great, great artist. He sent me a picture almost immediately but then fine tuned it and this is the brilliant result. It is brilliant isn't it? Now you can see why on that day in Jules' flat, I thought to myself "I must be photographed by his man" - and it has happened!!

                                                               Lucy Kendra, Moi and Angus



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